Revealed here: Why You Must Have a “Definite Chief Aim” to Live the Life of Your Dreams

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Are you, your best self?


After working in the Corporate world for over 30 years, giving the best of my life to big wealthy financiers and shareholders that typically have a reputation for taking more and more, and giving less and less to the overall economy, I decided to trade in my corporate hat, dig deep down inside of myself to determine who I am and what I am capable of achieving.


Have you ever wondered if you have the brains, abilities, and intellectual ability to draw out your greatest talents and build it big with the end goal of designing, crafting your life the way you always dreamed and wanted it to be?


Well I have, yes call me crazy, delusion or whatever, but when I sit and meditate on the many, many powerful and successful men like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie who all came from humble and modest beginnings with a basic education, I am convinced that every sane normal human on this planet that takes the time to focus on what they like and are good at and set out with a chief definite aim to accomplish it, could be wildly successful and happy.


Do you agree with this?


Each weekday morning I enjoy listening and participating in a “Law of Success” mastermind call.


The book that the group currently considers is “The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill.


My goal? I realize that when we are trained and program as an employee, independent thought and creativity it typically not invited, encouraged or appreciated in the Corporate arena, or you are encouraged to share your ideas, inventions, skills to build the company.


The company in turn, can retain or release you from employment at will, while retaining your intellectual property.


So it is now my time, it’s time to dig in deep and harness my talents, my years of knowledge and experience to realize my lifetime dreams and goals.


Now in all fairness to the corporations, they pay for your services. But have you ever thought of what you can accomplish and earn if you could build and prosper from your own ideas?

How does a Master Mind Help?


Well back to Napoleon Hill. Mr. Hill suggested that in his years of research he determined that having a “Definite Chief Aim” is essential; he goes on to say:


“One of the most startling facts brought to light by those 16,000 analyses was the discovery that the Ninety-five per cent who were classed as failures were in that class because they had no definite aim in life, while the five per cent constituting the successful ones not only had purposes that were definite, but they had, also, definite plans for the attainment of their purposes.”


Another important fact disclosed by these analyses was that the ninety-five per cent constituting the failures were engaged in work which they did not like, while the five per cent constituting the successful ones were doing that which they liked best.


It is doubtful whether a person could be a failure while engaged in work which he liked best.”


So what about you? Are you doing what you enjoy, are you living the life that you always dreamed of, do you think it is possible?


I believe in you!


Well I do, because many ordinary hard working people like you and me that share on the daily mastermind call have accomplished and are accomplishing their life goals and dreams.

Paul H and Me- Las Vegas



Meet Paul my friend and the host of the Daily Mastermind call. Listen to his story:



Paul is just one of so many.


What about you; what is your definite chief aim and what does your dream life look like?


Join us on the  Think and Grow Rich daily Mindset -Master Mind call and see how so many people like Paul and Me are making our life’s  Dreams and Goals a reality.


Monday through Friday at 8pm CST

Telephone : 712-432-0900 Code 565762# (Live)

Telephone: 712-432-0990 Code 565762# (Recorded)

It’s Free!




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