Older Workers Face Recruitment Bias

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The State of Age Diversity For Older Workers Hasn’t Improved Much In The Marketplace


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A recent movie called “The Intern”, with Robert De Niro highlighted the factOlder Workers that Age Diversity is still a problem in America and the world.  According to a recent Forbes article on this subject.…” It appears that organizations are not valuing older workers and that there is age – related bias in recruiting practices”.

1.  A study done in the UK revealed that 87% of UK, employers don’t check to see whether they are managers hire older workers,  people older than themselves.

2.  Of the ones that check, over one half found that their managers did not hire people older than themselves.

The lack of monitoring in just this area alone raises big red flags.

Number one:   age related recruitment bias means that companies are potentially breaking age discrimination laws.

Number two:   companies are passing up and missing out on a wealth of experience and talent that could benefit the business.

The good news is, more companies are recognizing that they need to change their processes, and their behaviors in regard to age in order to retain older workers in the future. This is a much better position than companies took 15 years ago when there was wholesale downsizing of seniors in favor of younger workers that could be hired at a lesser rate of pay. That thinking cost companies untold aggregate years of experience, which was lost forever in the marketplace.

 Why be Concerned About The Fourth Industrial Revolution That’s Here

I’m a personal advocate of entrepreneurial-ism. I think that as the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to grow and workplace norms continue to change at an increasingly rapid pace seniors as well as millennials need to understand how the marketplace is changing and position themselves to be folded into the changes ahead and not be left behind.

Stay tuned, I will be talking more about the Fourth Industrial Revolution on my blog, and in videos in the very near future. Please pay attention because it’s a topic that will hit home with everyone that sees this message.

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