Is it Possible for the Middle Class to Retire with No Money or Minimal Savings?

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Back in March of  2013,” MarketPlace Your Money” featured a story on the challenges currently being faced by many of the Middle Class who have worked many, many years to afford themselves a good standard of living, however with job stagnation, the cost of medical care and insufficient savings, the Middle class now finds themselves as a group, dealing with the prospect of, as one financial expert summed it up; having to retire with no money or:


” Work longer, save more, and expect less”


For many families they resign themselves to this seeming eventuality, however some are resentful and angry at Wall Street, Big Business, The Government or all of these institutions  because they now have to retire with no money.


Whatever the case, whether these various entities are responsible for the economic woes of so many Americans, or people all over the world; because let’s face it the problem with a comfortable, decent retirement with adequate quality health care is not just a problem in America; people all over the world are trying to figure out how they will survive in these financially challenging times.


Is There a Solution?


Would you believe me if I shared a solution that is working for many average people all over the world that had no retirement, shucks, some of them were just down right BROKE!

Meet two families that are not waiting on the Government to help, Big Business to give them a great paying job, nor do they depend on Wall Street to take care of their investments.

So what have they done to secure their financial house and make sure that they DO NOT retire with no money?


First meet friends of ours- Kevin and Melissa



Next please listen to my friend Nicole Barham

Now I know, I know some of  you are saying… I can’t do what they are doing and even if I can, I don’t want to have my own business that can generate an income greater than what I make now or that can at least supplement my income allowing me to save for retirement or have the money that I need to live comfortably.


You are right, this may not be for you; but for those of you that have no intention of living by the mantra- “work longer, save more, expect less” don’t you think this at least deserves a look?


Click below.

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