How Successful Bloggers Conduct Keyword Research – Part 5

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How Successful Bloggers Conduct Keyword Research – Part 5This is the fifth and last blog post in my discussion on Keyword Research, in the series on “What Successful People Know About How To Make Money Blogging”. If you missed any one of the first four parts you can find them here: Keyword Research Part 1, Keyword Research Part 2, Keyword Research Part 3 and Keyword Research Part 4.

You are now ready for my second FREE tool to you.  The tool is called “Niche Market Finder’. Please go to Click here  and download it onto your hard drive.

How ‘Niche Market Finder’ Works Researching Keywords

Although you could accomplish what I’m about to show you manually, we’re going to use this tool to determine whether the 10 top ranking sites in Google are targeting our keywords and if they are, how effectively they are doing it.How Successful Bloggers Conduct Keyword Research – Part 5c

To determine effectiveness, we are looking to see if the keyword is in places Google is looking for it:

  1. The URL?
  2. The title?
  3. The description?
  4. Header 1 tags on the page?
  5. Determine the Page Rank of the page.

As I said, these analyses could be done manually; however, using the ‘Niche Market Finder’ definitely increases productivity.

How to Set Up Niche Market Finder to Conduct Keyword Research


  1. Install ‘Niche Market Finder’ on your computerHow Successful Bloggers Conduct Keyword Research -  Part 5
  2. On the top left, go to the menu labeled “Tools”. Click “Options”, which will open a new window.
  3. Set ‘timeout’ to ‘240’ – the maximum.
  4. Set ‘Process SERP pages’ to ‘1’

By setting timeout to 240, and processing 1 SERP page, prevents your IP address from being temporarily banned by Google.


1 SERP page will give you the top 10 results of a search, which should be fine to make a decision.

How to Analyze the Competitiveness of Long tail Keywords

Remember your ad group list that you saved in a folder on your desktop? We will now analyze that list by uploading it to ‘Niche Market Finder’.

I must add a big word of caution before you start your analysis. DO NOT run Keyword Researcher SOON BEFORE OR AT THE SAME TIME AS ‘Niche Market Finder’.  If you do you increase your risk of having your IP address banned by Google temporarily. 

To upload your list into ‘Niche Market Finder’

  1. Check your ad group list that is in the folder on your desktop. Copy onlyHow Successful Bloggers Conduct Keyword Research -  Part 5 the long tail keywords (Usually the keywords are in column ‘B’) and paste them into a text file and label it.
  2. Click the “import button”. Locate the text file containing your list on your desktop, then click open.
  3. Your keyword list will populate in the panel on the left side of the page. Right-click on any of the keywords, choose “select all”, then on the top left of the page click the ”find pages” button.
  4. When you click the “find pages” button, ‘Niche Market Finder’ will begin its work. It takes some time for ‘Niche Market Finder’ to gather the results, so be patient.


Looking at the illustration below, the results show the competition for keyword ‘how to retire at 55’. Look at the columns. I’ve noted below what the individual columns represent:

How Successful Bloggers Conduct Keyword Research -  Part 5


  • PR = PageRank
  • BL = Backlinks to the ranking page
  • DBL = Backlinks to the domain
  • KDm = Keyword in page URL
  • KT = Keyword in title
  • KDs = Keyword in description
  • KH1 = Keyword in header 1

In order to identify good keywords or quickly the columns are color-coded.

  • Red are hard to compete against
  • Yellow are medium to compete against
  • Green are easy to compete against

As you begin to study the results, there are a few things that I need to bring to your attention.

  1. As you click down your keyword list on the left-hand side of the page, you will note that the pages change accordingly. The list of pages is the first 10 results on Google for that keyword.
  2. This is a free tool, as such there are a couple of functions that don’t work. Those are ‘BL’ and ‘DBL’, which are the counts of back links for the page and for the domain. Don’t worry about it because it’s unlikely that the links are optimized for our keyword. (If back linking is a little bit over your head don’t worry about it at this point).
  3. When analyzing your results take specific note of authority sites, what I mean by that is, sites that are authorities on the subject of your keyword. Or sites that sell e-commerce products. E-commerce sites and authority sites are very difficult to outrank even if the results are all green.
  4. In the ‘KDm’ column watch for broad keyword matches.
  5. Choose easy keywords.

Should you choose to delve further into search engine optimization or SEO, you might someday choose to pay for a program like ‘Market Samurai’, which I own (I don’t promote it though) that does the same job plus much, much more.

The Subject of Keyword Research Doesn’t End Here

In summary, I have tried to introduce the fundamentals of keyword research. Successful bloggers conduct this fundamental keyword research and more in order to receive higher rankings in the Google search engine. Your goal ultimately, is to get on page 1 of Google. Once on page 1 you want to have as high a ranking as you can get. If you look at the traffic that the 10 positions on page 1 receive, you will see that the higher you are the more traffic you’ll get.

  • Position 1 – 36.4%
  • Position 2 – 12.5%
  • position 3 – 9.5%
  • position 4 – 7.9%
  • position 5 – 6.1%
  • position 6 – 4.1%
  • position 7 – 3.8%
  • position 8 – 3.5%
  • position 9 – 3%
  • position 10 – 2.2%

The amount of traffic the position receives depends upon the average monthly searches. The higher the monthly searches the more traffic. The lower the monthly searches, obvious less traffic.

If you found this information valuable please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to share more insights or information with you as it relates to today’s topic.

I hope that I have given you some insight into what successful people know about how to make money blogging using keyword research.

There are several other steps that are involved in making money with your blog. We will take our time and go through the subject matter in bite-size pieces so that you and I can benefit from the process. Until then,


Make it a great day!

How Successful Bloggers Conduct Keyword Research -  Part 5







Terrence Pennington


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*Much of the information I’m sharing is distilled from a book I purchased and studied called “How to Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords, Using Free Tools”, by C.Naish and other sources. (You can purchase his book on

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