Struggling To Become Debt Free? Solution Revealed!

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The Debt Counselors

Have you ever Googled “Freedom from Debt Relief?”

I have, because I am passionate about people living their lives without the ball and chain of debt and all of the stresses that come with it.

Isn't college for an education to help us make a great living?

Isn’t college for an education to help us make a great living?

What I find amusing when I saw the long list of articles and bits of information, is that most of them are offering counsel to get out of debt at a cost, yes they charge people who already have a money problem, a fee (sometimes an exorbitant price) to help people get out of debt.

I ask you, what kind of freedom to get out of crippling debt is that?

I know I should not take this personally, but it makes my heart sick to see how the human race generally have no compassion of each other.

The other day I was listening to a mindset motivational call; I was fascinated with the content of the conversation and experience shared by a young lady by the name of Angela Carter who attended University to become an Attorney. She graduated successfully with a Law Degree and a whopping $220K in student debt.

What Would an Underemployed Attorney do?


This young woman was drowning in debt, but she shared how many people, including her family voiced their confidence and expectation that she would automatically have a successful and lucrative career because she was now an attorney.

But the reality was much different. Angela struggled to get steady and well-paying work; most job offers were for temporary positions with no benefits, and no promise of continuous or permanent employment; yet she still had a massive amount of debt.

She shared that she felt driven to try various ways to support herself and pay off her debt. She got into Multilevel Marketing and Direct Sales and Affiliate marketing; she tried cold calling, talking to family friends, who by this time thought she had lost her balance. The question she constantly was asked “why are you just wasting your law degree?”

Her reply was always “I’m not wasting but gaining an experience;” but deep inside she admitted that she lacked the power of belief.

She was determined to find the right people and company to realize her determination to get into a position to earn a good income. A few months later she attended an event that exposed her to ordinary average people, many without a college degree, that were million dollar earners in that company.

Her thought? “If these people can do this then so can I.” They had the freedom from having to worry about money, and she wanted that to.

 Do You Believe in You?

She then focused and went to work at her online affiliate marketing; she was determined to get rid of that $220K debt and the struggle and stress that was constantly hanging over her.

The first few months, nothing, no sales; and then she earned $25, then $125, then $1000 per day. As her belief heightened her income increased. Freedom was in sight!

She went from maybe this is, to I know that I can do it- I know you can do it!

She closed with this advice “to pursue a dream possible you must have a solid belief and stick to it.”

Angela is now well on the way of being a leader in her company and frequently earns more in one day than she made in a month when working as an attorney.

Make No Room for Doubt

Make No Room for Doubt


My take away? If you believe you can, and work at it, you can move mountains.


I’m doing it, what about you? See the simple system we’re using…click below.










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