Can You Build A Business Online Without Talking On The Phone?

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Phone reluctance

Can You Build An Online Business Without Talking On The Phone?


Do you think you can build your business without talking to people on the phone.   In this video I discuss whether I think it’s possible.  Most People when they come into the internet marketing space have been told that they never have to use the phone again to recruit.  I talk about what that thinking has led to. What some of the pitfalls are and how you can avoid them in your business.

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Hello Friend! Welcome to my blog. My name is Terrence Pennington. I am an ex-corporate Human Resources Manager, turned entrepreneur. I found that age 50 was a magical year, where many corporations put their career employees out to pasture. So at 50 I had to begin the process of re-inventing myself to remain competitive in a world that seemed to cater to younger generations in the corporate world. I've found an exciting second career in the home-based business, Internet marketing industry, where hard work, dedication, persistence, resilience and servant leadership mean more than age. I invite you to read my blog and follow me on Facebook and twitter. I encourage you to comment and engage with me online. I hope you find the information I share valuable. If you decide to take up the mantle of internet marketing as a career, it's my hope that you will soon be "living YOUR dreams". I enjoy learning and applying new concepts, strategies and tools to my business. I also love sharing what I'm learning with others new to the industry, especially seniors or baby boomers who are looking to the Internet to secure their financial futures.

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